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The Order participates in many activities all around the diocese. From service projects, social gatherings, DOK business meetings, or admission services, we encourage chapter churches to encourage community-oriented involvement. 

Church of our Saviour in Gallatin

St Margaret of Scotland Chapter admitted four new Daughters in an admission ceremony on July 14. 

Welcome Joyce, Linda, Susan & Beckie!

Diocese of TN 

Many Daughters from the Diocese of TN attended this year's Triennial in Louisville, KY.

See additional Triennial pictures here. 

St. Paul's in Murfreesboro 

The Julian of Norwich Chapter admitted four new Daughters in an admission ceremony. Welcome to

Evelyn, Kimberly, Victoria, and


One Daughter, Peggy, was also reinstated. 

June 16.

St. Philip's in Nashville 

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Chapter admitted two new Daughters in an admission ceremony on

June 9.

Welcome, Janice & Linda!

Church of the Epiphany in Lebanon

Anna the Prophetess Chapter admitted three new Daughters in an admission ceremony on

May 5, 2024.


Mary, Tethi & Cheryl!

St. James the Less in Madison

St. James the Less Mission Chapter admitted two Daughters to their DOK group on April 28, 2024. 

Welcome, Kris and Tish!

St. Paul's in Franklin 

St. Therese Lisieux Junior Chapter admitted to St. Paul's

in Franklin, TN on

February 4, 2024. 


Avery, Mimi, Emma and Eliza! 

St. Paul's Murfreesboro

Rita Sue, Mary and Katie set up a DOK table as exhibitioners at the Episcopal Diocesan Convention hosted by

St. Paul's in Murfreesboro on February 11, 2024. 

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